Study on what is absenteeism management essay

Personnel management practice 6th ed. In-creased use of vacation time, which could be taken without advance notice, also caused greater disruption than the use of excused absences, which had to be scheduled in advance with supervisors. From the thorough analysis, it can be concluded that there are three main factors which affects the morale of employees — individuality of the workers, the nature of the job, and the general practices followed by an organization.

Human error, burnout, and frustration are inevitable. The concepts of need based theories of motivation are the best solutions to tackle low employee morale. But here some additional guideline to be considered: Regardless of cause, a worker with a pattern of being absent may put his reputation and his employed status at risk.

Asking the employee directly is not a good idea because they can lie about their well being.

Absenteeism and Attendance of Employees – Paper

There should be clear and explicit definition as to what is expected of the employees; they should be provided good working environment, and adequate support and resources for completing their tasks; and there should be proper communication.

This type of absence, when it reaches hard extent, will hold to be pointed out to employees in inquiry in bid to bring their attending in line with satisfactory criterions. Since some absenteeism are related to the job problem, you can use some method to identify the core problem as I describe in my former writing about How to Handle Poor Performer, before you apply some solutions.

HR Management essay on: Low Employee Morale: An Important Human Resource Challenge

If employees are not rewarded adequately or in timely manner for the tasks performed, then it leads to low morale among the employees. This ype of absence, when it reaches problematic proportions, will have to be pointed out to employees in question in order to bring their attendance in line with acceptable norms Employees who come to work later in the day or who leave earlier are normally not recorded on the leave records of employers and the supervisor is normally aware of such absences Wolmarans, Vaid classifies chronic absentees into five categories: They make up for the loss of status arising from working in a mill by intensifying activities which help them to regain it.

One recent Gallup poll did not put a price tag on the sniffles and swollen eyes, but claimed that more than 3 million workdays per year are lost when working people stay home because their allergies are acting up. What can you do to manage the costs of absenteeism.

All organizational behaviour theories stress that if employees are satisfied than they will contribute as much as they can in the success of an organization.

It reduces productivity and puts burden on the available staff. The buddy would help talk through the problem, and encourage the wavering employee to return to work. Absenteeism can be very costly to organisations and enormous savings can be realised through effective management of non-attendance at work.

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An attendance policy allows a supervisor to mediate with an employee who is regularly absent. It therefore becomes vital that organisations recognise the extent of this problem due to the high costs associated with continued unscheduled absences.

Housing is a major problem in cities and in the absence of company houses, workers either stay alone or at far off places. Bureau of the Census and U. Journal of Employment Counseling 40 4: When the managers treat workers as mere tools, the rate of absenteeism is likely to be high.

Here, job design refers to how work is arranged and how much employees control their work. An organisation must assess if it has a problem with absence, its extent and the best way to tackle it. Absenteeism above the predetermined level should be carefully analysed age wise, sex wise, month wise and other basis.

It is important that you explain all the policies to your employees when you recruit them so that there is no scope for miscommunication. Some studies have shown that rate of absenteeism has been higher during festival periods as compared to other periods.

For these non-protected absences employers can, and should, discipline their employees. Journal of Applied Psychology 72 4: Broadly, there are three major aspects which are the determinants of high or low employee morale — differences among various individuals, traits of the job, and practices adopted by different organizations.

Study On What Is Absenteeism Management Essay

According to Aamodtp. Employee Benefits Journal 29 1: They go back to their homes for having some rest. The study indicates that stress and viral issues were two implications the examinations team suffered from in Stress is a common issue in several workplaces as mentioned in the Absence Management report by CIPD and it can be costly.

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Essay # 1. Meaning of Absenteeism: The co-operaton of workers is essential for the good health of any organisation. Sometimes labour turnover and absenteeism become a major problem for the management.

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The aim of the present study is to determine whether there is a relationship between job satisfaction and absenteeism in Beverages Department of Cadbury Nigeria Plc Agbara factory Thirty seven respondents completed a questionnaire to identify their levels of job satisfaction.

In this study absenteeism is defined as: temporary, extended or permanent incapacity for work as a result of sickness or infirmity The purpose of the study was to investigate the incidence of learner bsenteeism in the country, the reasons why learners absent themselves from schools and examine the systems that exist to monitor and reduce.

Absenteeism, Causes and Effects Essay. B. Pages:6 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. A Statistical study of absenteeism of Indian Labour observed that, the basic cause of absenteeism in India is that industrial worker is still part-time peasant.

The workers’ participation in the management of industry. In one study of hospitals using seven different methods of controlling absenteeism, only the paid leave bank consistently showed a positive effect in controlling absenteeism.

This method of absence management is known as the "paid time off system.

Study on what is absenteeism management essay
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